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New Inventions - Old Tools
Garden Structures Without Nails
Casting Iron
Cutting End Grain
Ductile Cast Iron
Keeping Your Plane Like new
Plane Blade Profile
What is the Significance of a Rockwell Hardness Rating?
Ellipses with a Beam Compass
Flattening Stones, Lapping Planes
Creating a Custom Bench Plane
Customizable Bench Planes
Bevel-down Bench Planes
Detail Rabbet Plane
Carcass Saws
Quick-release Tail Vise
Lapping Plate
Bevel-up Bench Planes
Lee Valley Mk. II Honing Guide is Near Perfect
Take Our Manufacturing Virtual Tour
New Products
Table for Compact Routers
Compact Router Base Plate
Table Base for Compact Routers
Table Top for Compact Routers
Table Fence for Compact Routers
Base Plate Knobs
Fence & Center Kit for Compact Routers
Template Guides
Inlay Bushings
Ring Nut for Compact Router Base Plate Template Guides
Brass Journeyman’s Mallets
1-1/2" Pocket Layout Square
Card Scraper Burnisher
Beam Compass
Lee Valley Drill Press Tool Holder
Table for 1-1/2" Wheels for Grinder Tool Rest
Pocket Plane
Drill Stop Gauge
Shooting Board
Platform Saddles
Panel Platform Kit
PM-V11™ Bench Chisels
PM-V11™ Butt Chisels
Mortise Chisels
Bench Chisels
Carver's Vise Screw
Carver's Screw
Carver's Vise
Carver's Knife
Carver's Drawknife
Carver's Bench
Drilling Jigs
Shelf-Drilling Jig
System 32 Cabinetmaking System
Hinge-Boring Jig
Dowelling Jig
Marking Tools
1-1/2" Pocket Layout Square
Beam Compass
Micro-Adjust Marking Gauge
Trammel Points
Workshop Striking Knife
Dual Marking Gauge
Dovetail Markers
14° Dovetail Marker
Dovetail Saddle Markers
14° Dovetail Saddle Marker
Saddle Squares
Miter Saddle
Center Marker
Optical Center Punch
Standard Wheel Marking Gauges
Micro-Adjust Wheel Marking Gauges
Wheel Marking Gauges, Metric
Beam Compass Heads
Carpenter's Gauge
Transfer/Log Scribe
Sliding Bevels
Square Level
Measuring Tools
Drill Stop Gauge
Blade Gauge
Bar Gauge
P1027 Plumb Bob
Precision Square
Set-Up Blocks
P724 Plumb Bob
Steel Straightedges
Aluminum Straightedges
Square Fence
Bar Gauge Heads
Bevel Setter
Direct-Reading Caliper
Dividing Rule
Plumb Bob and Case
Proportional Calipers
Tapered Gauges
Thickness Calipers
Tool-Setting Gauge
Sliding Squares
Rule Magnifier
Ruler Stop
Bench Planes
Small Bevel-Up Smooth Plane
Low-Angle Jack Plane
Bevel-Up Jointer Plane
#4 Smooth Plane
#4-1/2 Smoothing Plane
#5-1/4W Bench Plane
#6 Fore Plane
Low-Angle Smooth Plane
Bevel-Up Smoother Plane
Slow Adjusters for Bevel-Up Planes
Jointer Fence
Texturing Blades for Scrub Plane
Plane Blade Cases
Plane Sacks
Custom Bench Planes
#4 Customizable Smooth Plane
#4-1/2 Customizable Smooth Plane
#5 Customizable Jack Plane
#5-1/2 Customizable Jack Plane
#7 Customizable Jointer Plane
Block Planes
Pocket Plane
Depth Stop for Skew Block Plane
Plane Blade Cases
Skew Block Plane
NX60 Block Plane
DX60 Block Plane
Apron Plane
Standard Block Plane
Low-Angle Block Plane
Vertical Totes for Low-Angle Block Plane
Plane Sacks
Specialty Planes
Combination Plane
Variable Angle Fence for Rabbet Planes
Miter Plane
Medium Router Plane
Hinge Mortise Plane
Miniature Spokeshave
Shooting Plane
Cabinetmaker's Trimming Plane
Inset Plane
Miniature Block Plane
Jack Rabbet Plane
Miniature Router Plane
Detail Palm Planes
Miniature Edge Plane
Detail Rabbet Planes
Miniature Shoulder Plane
Small Shoulder Plane
Small Scraping Plane
Skew Rabbet Plane
Side Rabbet Plane
Small Right- and Left-Hand Plow Plane
Small Router Plane
Iron Edge-Trimming Planes
Scrub Plane
Router Plane
Scraping Plane
Bullnose Plane
Large Shoulder Plane
Medium Shoulder Plane
Plane Sacks
Project Plans
"Adirondack Plus" Folding Chair Plan
Adirondack Plus Seat or Rocker Plan, or Swing Plan
"Adirondack Plus" Plans
Tool Chest Plan
Rolling Cabinet Plan
Silverware Chest Plan
Hanging Tool Cabinet Plan
Traditional English Shaving Horse Plan
Folding Table Plan
Bench Plan and Kit
Router Tables and Accessories
Table for Compact Routers
Compact Router Base Plate
Table Base for Compact Routers
Table Fence for Compact Routers
Table Top for Compact Routers
Fence & Center Kit for Compact Routers
Base Plate Knobs
Template Guides
Inlay Bushings
Ring Nut for Compact Router Base Plate Template Guides
Router Table Stands
Router Table Top
Table Insert Plate
Pin Router Arm
Router Table Safety Shields
Base Plate/Table Insert
Router Table & Accessories Manual/Video
Position Stops
Right-Angle Sled
Router Table Fences
Work Hold-Down
Jointing Shims
Fence Stop
Magnetic Dust Chute
Scraping Tools
Card Scraper Burnisher
Miniature Cabinet Scraper
Scraper Shave
Chairmaker's Scraper
Scraper Holder
Variable Burnisher
Cabinet Scraper
Ball-Joint Scrapers
Card Scrapers
Curved Scrapers
Mortise Chisel Adapter for Mk.II Narrow-Blade Honing Guide
Saw File Holder
Mk.II Honing Guides
Steel Honing Plate
Lapping Plate
Bevel Gauge
Blade Honing Compound
Jointer Blade Sharpener
Lapping Grit
Scraper Burnisher for Turners
Sharpening System
Small-Blade Holder
Stone Pond
Mk.II Power Sharpening System
Skew Registration Jig for the Mk.II Honing Guide
Camber Roller Assembly for the Mk.II Honing Guide
Miniature Spokeshave
Large Spokeshave
Chair Devils
Low-Angle Spokeshave
Flat, Round and Concave Spokeshaves
Wooden Spokeshave Kits
Vises and Clamping
Quick-Release Wonder Dog®
Quick-Release Front Vise
Inset Vise
Sliding Tail Vise
Bench Blade
Surface Vise
Twin-Screw Vise
Front Vises
Shoulder-Vise Screw
Carver's Vise
4-Way Speed Clamp
Panel Clamp
Tail Vise
Tail-Vise Screw
Other Products
Shooting Board
Bench Axe
Magnetic Screwdriver Handle
Key Slot Hole Plug
Plunge Base for Rotary Tools
Shooting Board Tracks
Wooden Plane Hardware Kit
Shooting Sanders
Blades and Conversion Kit for Small Plow Plane
String Inlay System
String Inlay Scraper
Template Groove Cutter, Inlay Chisel and Pin Awl
Inlay Cutter Head for Router Plane
Beading Tool
Pro Taper Reamer
Chair Doctor Glue
Auger Gimlets
Metal Bender
Magnetic Corner Chisel
Sanding Block
Dado Shims
Cornering Tool Kit
Flush Plane
Screw Lifter
Beading Tool
Plane Sacks
Grinder Accessories
Table for 1-1/2" Wheels for Grinder Tool Rest
Grinder Tool Rest
Grinding Jig
Skew-Grinding Jig
Felt Wheels
Shaped Felt Wheel
Dowel, Plug, and Tenon Cutters
Dowel Former
Tapered Tenon Joinery System
Tapered Tenon Cutters
Dowel and Tenon Cutters
Mini Power Tenon Cutters
Tapered Snug-Plug® Cutters
The Plugger®
Power Tenon Cutters
Workbench Accessories
Pivoting Fence for T-Slot Tracks
Universal Fence
Wile Plane Hammer by
Steel Plate for T-Slot Tracks
Surface Dogs, 3/4" Post
Stainless-Steel Parf Dogs
Fast-Action Hold-Down
Prairie Dog™
Planing Stop
Sliding Tail Vise
Surface Vise
Bench Anchor
Bench Stud
Carver's Vise Screw
Carver's Bench
Surface Clamp
Square Bench Dogs
Round Bench Dogs and Bench Pups®
Special Bench Bolts
Wonder Dogs® and Pups®
Joinery Cutting Guides
Dovetail Guide and Saw Set
Dovetail Saw Guides
Right-Angle Saw Guide
Brass Journeyman’s Mallets
Wile Plane Hammer
Cabinetmaker's Mallet
Journeyman's Brass Mallet
Miter Box Guides
Saw Depth Stop
Rip & Crosscut Tenon Saws
Gent's Saws
Carcass Saws
Dovetail & Crosscut Saws
Flush Cut Trim Saws
Magnetic Saw Guides
Power Tool Accessories
Lee Valley Drill Press Tool Holder
Lathe Chuck/Face-Plate Adapters
Power Tool Guide
Grinder Tool Rest
Worksurface Accessories
Platform Saddles
Panel Platform Kit
Tape T-Slot Track
Edge T-Slot Track
Quad T-Slot Track
T-Slot Track Bench Blade
Low-Profile Work Stop
Flip Stops
T-Track Elbow Bracket
T-Slot Track Hold-Down
T-Slot Track Clamp
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